construction phases

project: health club & climate chambers

status: built

type: health & recreation / private

location: dubai

total area: 3,200 sq.m

my role: project architect / planquadrat

year: 2013 / 2015

softwares: autocad / sketchup / adobe PS

Located at the private premises of the royal family of Dubai, this building houses a state of the art gymnasium, sports facilities, olympic size pool, and one of the most advanced climate control chambers in the world. 

The design is derived from the desert dunes formation as envisioned by the client. Accordingly, I started with generating the formal language and identifying the design forces of the setting and the space program requirements.

Before defining the base points and the ridge curve line, a series of sections were placed to control the complex mesh curvature of the roof. The refined design follows a construction ready complex geometry that connects the curved facade and the roof girders together with the column-free floor plans.

Roof cuts were placed strategically working with the spaces below to complete the mass and void sculpture. This  resulted in a dynamic space and an organic mass flooded with natural light in selected spaces that changes in shade and shadow throughout the day.

The dynamic nature of the building is reflected in the space quality, working with the sport activities program, and blending naturally with the surrounding desert. The glass facade is oriented towards the football field for uninterrupted view to create a direct access.

This building was a challenge in both design and construction phases, I had the chance to work on conceptual design, drawings, and coordination of the project, and worked extensively on the architectural complex digital models.

design process & model

detail drawings

site pictures

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